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Dec 25, 2012 9:00pm PST
. john alston continues live in downtown napa. we have been watching the river for days, how does it look tonight? >> reporter: it's fine right now after a day of rain it's stopped for the time being. behind me is a bloated napa river but well within the banks. this area is very saturated. the storm has brought some flooding in wine country. water overtopped a levee along sonoma creek where it borders the larsen family winery and this year the creek has been especially high. water is continuing to flood into a portion of the 70 acres of chardonay vines. vineyard looks more like a like in some areas. this is both good and bad. >> its nuisance but not a bad. it's good for the ground and agriculture and recharge our groundwater. it's a pain, you can see there are trees and logs and basketballs and whatever comes down the creek is what we get. >> reporter: he says it cost about $10,000 over year to remove all of that junk once the rainy season ends. they plan to rebuild the levee but that temporary solution when the air goes into flood. we're having a break in the weather but residents are ge
Dec 26, 2012 9:00pm PST
in liver move. about the same napa and up to the north, not too much in santa rosa. skies cleared. talking about patchy frost in napa and sonoma and we will give you the numbers and outlook when the run returns coming up in the seven day outlook. >> you saw from the map mr. how much rain fell in the north bay. while the break is nice there are still worries in the north bay about the threat of mud slides and weakened trees. cornel has the store arery now from mill valley. >> tree crews say it is not what they wanted for christmas. so much work they can barely keep up. a family snapped a picture east after a 50 feet tree blocked the road. >> when i saw it, it was like a massive just like mess so i was kind of like shocked. >> arborists say storms weakened the earth and created danger for the public. >> how saishow saturated is th? >> 100%. a lot of rain and moisture. weak ones are falling over. >> tree crews still removing this 70-year-old tree blocking a driveway. so much water coming off the mountains in mill valley it is creating a spectacle and a lot of worry for firefighters. >> we are
Dec 24, 2012 9:00pm PST
afloat in the middle of the napa river. crowds on the bank watching the drama awn fold. >> they were there really quick. we sat down and all of a sudden they were just there. >> needed to get them out real quick. we got a good throw on the rope. >> the rope worked. victim was pulled to shore. ladder brought in and the man climbed out to safety. with refer running so high firefighters knew there was no time to wast waste. in sonoma county high water is still a big issue. the intersection of highway 12 and 121 was under water yesterday when sonoma creek overflowed its banks. today the water is still spilling into nearby vineyard. >> looks like the ocean. is throughout right now. the only nice thing is it's all the vines are dormant so no harm there. >> does he says of road like this one are still flooded. towards sonoma creek he's from frustrate the. >> every year there's more water in the creek and less creek to contain it. >>reporter: the man in the river firefighters suspect he was intoxicated. he told them he jumped into the river because it seemed like fun. >> are you o
Dec 23, 2012 9:00pm PST
feet below flood stage. napa river flood stage is 16 feet and a little up 16.8 feet. then will quicklyarly tomorrow recede well below the flood stage. minor fluctuations, napa river, it's 25 feet and sitting at 23 feet expected to crest at 26 feet. already everything is starting to come down as the rain has started to let up. clearing tonight, temperatures will be cooler, already 46 in santa rosa. 52 in san rafael. 51 in san francisco. san jose, 53 degrees. here is a look at the forecast and clearing and cooler overnight. a dry day for christmas eve and more rain christmas day. this is actual frontal system that brought us heavy rain and you can see it pushed its way across the bay area. this is how it was this morning at 7:00 a.m. by 3:00 that is when the severe weather broke out to the peninsula as well as down towards santa cruz and now all of this has moved on to the east. here is a look at timing. we'll look at clearing, you can see 5:00 a.m., clearing and then as we head into christmas day by 7:00, start to see the next system started to advance. this is christ
Dec 29, 2012 9:00pm PST
50s in san rafael. 52 in santa cruz. upper 30s, 37 in napa and 39 in fairfield and 40 in mountain view. numbers will slowly drop. skies will continue to clear and we'll get some of that patchy frost in north and east bay valleys with numbers already as much as eight degrees cooler than last night at this time. definitely a chillier evening. this is going to be the way it will play out the next several nights. skies will remain clear and weak weather systems give us a reinforcing shot of colder air. patchy frost for the morning. sunny for sunday with a chance of showers around the monterey bay, then by monday, partly cloudy skies in the morning. by late in the day, looks like showers once again want to skirt the shoreline. just a slight chance in the forecast. overnight lows, when you wake up tomorrow morning, upper 20s in cloverdale. 29 in antioch and fairfield with freezing temperatures, concord and morgan hill, santa cruz a little warmer by the water. hour left for the high surf advisory. still pretty dangerous with strong rip currents and large northwest material swells as high
Dec 30, 2012 9:00pm PST
, it is in the 30s already. 39 napa as well as santa rosa. we have 48 in san francisco. 41 in livermore. 41 in san jose and los gatos checking in at 42 degrees. here it is. a cold overnight forecast for you. look for inland frost in the north and east bay locations. we'll go with sunshine and scattered clouds for new year's eve. it will be a cool day and cooler night tomorrow night and bring out sunshine just in time for first day of the new year. satellite and radar composite, clear sky here although just to the north and west of us you can see the leading edge of clouds. this is what is going to move across the bay area by tomorrow afternoon. here is with a our anticipated lows. frost is likely and north and east bay protected valley areas. 39 expected in cloverdale and temperatures are dropping below the freezing mark. tender vegetation. if you have tender plants you may want to bring them in or cover them and do not forget about your pets outside, as well. 43 is expected low in san francisco and 35 for san jose. here is the cold front that will be draping across the bay area tomorrow afternoon
Dec 27, 2012 9:00pm PST
dropping in parts of the sky clear we'll see some mid 30's for napa. 36 in vallejo. look for mid 30's in san jose. so bundle up as you head out tomorrow morning. in the afternoon take some time but we will warm-up and see more sunshine in the south bay from around palo alto south. 54 in san jose. 53 in richmond and down by the monterey bay it takes some time. may not see any rain here at all. 54 in watsonville. 53 in holster. accu-weather 7 day forecast shows that little bity whimpy anemic system our way tomorrow the and then out of here saturday morning. weekend loo looks nice new year's eve. more sunshine and clouds new year's day and next weather system this looks weak too come wednesday and thursday. so we are well above normal. >> i like the whimpy system that's nice. >> thanks very much. >> did you know the clothes you wear can affect your health? coming up warning from the fashion police on what could happen if you have skinny jeans in your closet. that's next. stay look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7